Tips for Finding Work Once You Finish Your Beauty School Studies and Practice

We always feel excited for our IBMC College graduates when they finish their educational careers in cosmetology college in Longmont. They face a bright future in an industry that continues to need creative experts in the field. Women and men are always looking for the perfect stylist to help them achieve the look they have in mind, and you might just become the go-to stylist they’re looking for.

However, you might feel worried about finding employment once you finish your studies with us, which is understandable, but with the help of IBMC College’s Career Services, you receive help finding work through our job placement assistance program.

While, any new venture feels frightening, and you can probably recall back to the time before you started school and remember how you overcame those fears.

Consider some of the following tips to help you approach your job search once you complete your cosmetology program:

  • Ask Yourself Where You Want to Work. Of course, you will probably start your career in a modest position and need to work your way up, no matter what field you choose, but it is good to know your ultimate goals to make sure you get started in the right direction. For example, if you want to work as a premier stylist in a high-end salon, consider the sacrifices and additional study you might need to achieve that goal. You will probably need to start at a smaller salon and continue your studies on an ongoing basis, continually building your portfolio and making connections at high-end salons. You could also start very small at a high-end salon, such as performing reception or cleaning duties, working your way up as a hair washer and assistant to established stylists. If you want to become a beauty instructor, find a way to continue your studies.
  • Request Information from Your College’s Career Services Center. At IBMC College, we offer career services to our students, so make sure to use your educational facility’s resources to your advantage. You might find you already have a solid connection and a way to at least get your start in your field. From that point, you can start making a reputation for yourself in the field and move forward.
  • Take Your Board Exams and Certifications Before You Start Your Job Search. Take care of getting your certifications and take your board exams before you look for work. If the salon has to wait for you to take care of this business, they might need to move on to the next candidate to fill their position.