Training for a New Career was a Family Affair for These New Parents

Training for a rewarding career was a dream of Porsha and Kenneth La Fleur of Colorado Springs. It was time to stop dreaming and start doing. They took a leap and never looked back.

One day, the couple decided to make the life-changing decision to enroll in college classes at IBMC College in Colorado Springs, CO. Porsha had a passion for making people smile and chose the Dental Assisting program, while Kenneth desired to help patients and work in a fast-paced medical field. He became a college student in the Medical Assisting program.

During this couple’s time at IBMC College Colorado Springs Campus, they worked, went to college, and soon found out they were expecting a sweet baby boy about half-way through their respective programs.
These parents-to-be wanted to give their little one the best life possible and kept at pursuing an education, despite the fatigue of “being on the go” all the time. They recalled back to moments where it was difficult, but ultimately knowing they needed to make a change in their lives for themselves and for their child, kept these two coming back to learn each day.

They recalled back to the many sacrifices they made, yet smile upon the fact that it was all worth it.

Three weeks before walking across the stage at Graduation in the Spring of 2016, Porsha went into labor and delivered a healthy baby boy by the name of Royce. Even more amazing, Baby Royce joined the couple at Graduation. Not only did he see his mommy and daddy graduate together, he was a part of the ceremony and stole the show. He accompanied them on-stage as they walked arm in arm and were handed their diplomas.

It was truly a family affair. As little Royce grows up, he will soon come to realize just how important he was to their success, and he has two great role models he can proudly call his parents.

Kenneth plans to work in an emergency room setting after completing his externship. He is currently partnered with IBMC College’s Career Services Team for career placement assistance. Porsha plans to take a little time off to raise the baby. Once he is a little older, she is looking forward to working in a dental practice.

When asked about more children, Baby Royce may soon have additional playmates. Porsha comes from a big family and hopes to expand her own to 10+ children, while Kenneth is set on two kids. Maybe they will find a good compromise. Whatever number that may be, the future is certainly bright for this happy couple and their growing family.

IBMC is now enrolling for day and evening classes at the Colorado Springs college campus! To learn more about life-changing career training and potential childcare resources, fill-out the form above or call 1-800-NEW-CAREER today.