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Why You Should Visit Our Fort Collins Campus Soon

Here at IBMC College, we strongly believe that prospective students should visit the campuses of the colleges that they are considering, whenever possible. You can learn a great deal by reading college catalogs, looking at websites, and even by watching videos, but there is nonetheless no real substitute for a first-hand look. Because we realize the importance of finding the right school, we offer tours to potential students designed to provide them with an authentic feel for what our campus and classroom environments are truly like. For instance, if you are interested in our medical assisting program, you would be welcome to sit in on some of the classes as a part of your own personalized tour.

Although you are welcome to stop by our college in Fort Collins at any time during normal business hours, you can also fill out the online form provided so that our admissions office has an idea of your areas of interest. We will be better able to customize a tour for you if we know what you may want to study. One of our skilled admissions representatives will also be glad to work with you in order to make the application and admissions’ process go as smoothly as possible.

Besides checking out the campus and the classrooms, you should also explore the community to see if it’s a good fit for you. If you like outdoor sports and recreation, you will probably enjoy living in Fort Collins. However, it also features many different opportunities to enjoy art and culture as well and offers many fine food and beverage establishments. You should also explore various student neighborhoods and investigate any other community amenities that may be of interest to you. If you can, you should bring your parents or partner and spend an entire weekend.

Our school caters to a wide variety of students, from those just out of high school to people who are seeking second or even third careers after being out in the working world for a number of years. We are committed to the success of each of our students and offer professional development and job placement services along with programs designed to help you maximize your potential in today’s job market.