IBMC College Videocasts

Episode 3

In our third episode of our regular videocasts we’re focusing on organizations that hire our Medical Assisting graduates. We talk to physician manager, Tammie Strohl from Summit View Family Medicine and Karissa Hall, an administrator at Greeley Endoscopy Center about how important medical assistants are to their organizations, the shortage of trained, qualified medical personnel, and why it’s a great idea to pursue a career in the healthcare field.
If you’re thinking about a rewarding and stable future in medical assisting and are curious about your career opportunities once you graduate, you’ll want to tune in to what Tammie and Karissa have to say.

Episode 2

In episode 2, of our regular videocast series, you’ll find out how the admissions and enrollment process is different at IBMC College, and how you’re not just a number.
We sit down with members of our admissions team to talk about: What enrolling a new IBMC student means to them, what to expect when you enroll at IBMC, why enrolling our college is different than other colleges, and how you’re not just a number at IBMC.
If you’re thinking of enrolling at IBMC College or just want more information, you’ll definitely want to check out this video as we answer so many questions about the enrollment process and hear about how our admissions team truly cares about each student they enroll.
You’ll also see a special video from IBMC’s recent 98th graduation ceremony and more!

Episode 1

In this episode, Cassie talks with IBMC College CEO, Steve Steele about what makes IBMC College a great choice for people seeking life-changing career training and how that training can open doors and create opportunities for graduates to find stable, rewarding careers in healthcare, massage, cosmetology and law. We’ll cover topics like who an IBMC student is, what a prospective student should expect while in their education, and what programs students can enroll in at IBMC. If you’re just wondering what IBMC is about, interested in enrolling in one of the programs, or looking for a college that fits you, you should definitely check this video out to get an in-depth, informative glimpse into IBMC College.

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