Nichole Byers, Medical Assisting Graduate

Nichole Byers

IBMC College Medical Assisting Graduate

Nichole Byers is an IBMC College graduate with a diploma in Medical Assisting. She attended the Fort Collins campus.

Unlike most students in the program, Nichole already had a background in medicine when she began. She worked as an EMT for eight years, later becoming a manager of group homes for developmentally disabled adults.

Today, she works as a Medical Assistant for Associates in Family Medicine, a northern Colorado healthcare provider with an emphasis in family medicine.

Why did you choose IBMC College?

“The hours fit my schedule. I had already completed all my prerequisites at Front Range (Community College) for nursing, but could not do the hours they needed. I originally went in to do nails (at IBMC), but I was talked into Medical Assisting because of my background.”

What did you gain by attending?

“I was lucky to have great instructors that helped me get the basics of Medical Assisting. They helped me learn to use equipment and do tests I would have not been able to use otherwise. I looked forward to their classes because I knew I would learn something, or at least be able to use the skills I already knew.”

What did it take to land your job after graduation?

“The school helped me get my externship, but I would like to think my skills and professionalism got me the job. I took great notes and asked lots of questions. I was not afraid to jump in and do what needed to be done. I think they liked my ‘go-get-it’ attitude. It was a blessing to get my current job. I would not have gotten it so quickly had I not attended IBMC College.”

What’s your job like?

“I love the job I have now. I room patients, order tests, make phone calls, give immunizations, work with other facilities and providers to provide continuity of care for our patients, fill in with other providers if mine is out, and so many other things.

“I am also lucky enough to work with an OB (obstetrics) provider, so I do a lot of care related to that, as well. I will be very sad when my doctor retires. I plan to stay with him till the end — we have built a great relationship and make a good team.”

Any advice for those on the fence about the program?

DO IT! It is worth it.”

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