Vickie Boggs, Medical Assisting Graduate

Vickie Boggs

IBMC College Medical Assisting Graduate

Vickie Boggs, from Firestone, CO, graduated from IBMC College September 2017. Before she attended the IBMC Longmont campus, she was a stay-at-home mom who was itching for a new career in the healthcare industry. Today, she plays a vital role at her workplace as a Medical Assistant—and she loves it.

Are you happy with your decision to attend IBMC?

“Yes, because being a CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) got me into the healthcare industry.”

What did you gain from your time at IBMC that has helped you in your career?

“I learned clinical skills and knowledge that are vital to being a successful CMA.”

How has your life changed since attending IBMC?

“My life has changed for the better. I’m working full-time now, loving what I do.”

Where do you work now?

“Boulder Medical Center in the Orthopedics Department.”

What do you do at work every day?

“I work for an orthopedic surgeon. I room patients, refill medication requests, remove sutures/staples/dressings. I draw up injections, remove casts, put in advanced imaging orders, handle phone calls from patients, fit patients with various DME (durable medical equipment, i.e. braces and splints) and I book surgeries for my provider.”

Do you like your job?

“I love my current position. My provider takes the time to explain to me why he’s treating a patient in such a way. I also get to go into the OR (operating room) and observe his surgeries.”

What did it take to land your job after graduating?

“I started my externship in the Orthopedics Department. I learned that there was a job opening for a new provider. I asked about the position and was basically given the job on the spot.”

Is there any advice you would give to someone thinking about attending IBMC?

“Put the time/effort into learning the skills and information. I use the skills and various information I was taught on a daily basis.”

Are there any instructors who made a memorable impact on you?

“Marie Taylor was, by far, my most favorite instructor at IBMC. She is so knowledgeable and loves to teach. She is a wealth of information and is willing to impart that information on others.”

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