Resources for High School Teachers and Counselors

Resources for High School CounselorsA four-year college just isn’t for everyone. We’re here for upcoming high school graduates who are seeking a career in as little as 6-19 months, as prescribed, all from an accredited college that is close to home.

IBMC College can help your high school students get on the fast-track to success

Some high school students will graduate knowing exactly what they want to do with their lives, while others are still figuring out if college is the best choice for them. Now, more than ever, education is playing a vital role in the success of individuals. While a four-year university may not be the right fit for some of your students, accelerated career training could be just what they need for a more promising future after their high school graduation.

medical-assisting-page-02IBMC College offers programs that can be completed in as little as 6-19 months, as prescribed, at our campuses in Fort Collins, CO; Greeley, CO; and Longmont, CO. Courses are hands-on, and learners receive one-on-one attention from instructors, who often work in the field that they teach. Learn more about our career-training programs now!

Career-Focused Training

We focus our classes and curriculum based on the needs of employers and the skill-sets they are looking for in future employees. Our programs prepare learners with the knowledge to thrive in entry-level careers. Students will spend their time gaining vital skills through classroom settings, as well as workplace externship and/or clinical experiences, allowing them exposure to real-world environment and interaction with employers, industry professionals, clients, patients and the public, even before graduation!

Cosmetologlist Program - IBMC CollegeWe Offer Career Assessments

If your students are undecided on what career path to take, rest assured, that’s okay. IBMC College offers career assessment quizzes, and students have the opportunity to speak with friendly Admissions Representatives, who are devoted to learning more about the students’ interests, goals, dreams and figuring out which program could be right for them.

Here Every Step of the Way

From start to finish, the devoted faculty and staff is here to help students succeed. We offer special program recognition days, student award assemblies, no-cost tutoring, peer-to-peer mentoring, academic advising, job resources, interview coaching and professional development, career placement assistance and refresher courses. Caring individuals … Changing Lives is more than a mission, it is a core value our staff demonstrate each day when serving our students and graduates.

Scholarship Opportunities
Classroom studyingHigh School Scholarship Application

IBMC College has a Presidential Scholarship opportunity for high school students. The scholarships range from $1,000-$1,500. Click the button to learn more. Financial aid is available to those students who qualify.

Guest Speakers at Your High School & Field Trips

To schedule a time for an IBMC College representative to speak at your high school, upcoming career fair, or to take a field trip to an IBMC College campus near you, please email or call 1-800-495-2669 for more details.

About IBMC College

IBMC College is nationally accredited. The College is locally owned and has been in the community since 1987.

Questions? Call Toll Free: 1-800-NEW-CAREER