Program Advisory Committee

Career Program Advisory Committee

Employers make a difference in IBMC College’s curriculum

The career fields that IBMC College trains students for are constantly growing and changing — that’s why we look to business leaders to help ensure our programs are always on the cutting-edge. Employers help to review and develop the curriculum of IBMC’s career-training programs, and their feedback guides the lessons that are taught in the classroom. This allows our students to receive up-to-date information on the most relevant technologies and industry trends. Our Program Advisory Committee also gives valuable insight into the skills that employers are looking for in a potential employee.

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What role do employers play in IBMC’s Program Advisory Committee?

  • Members participate in meetings on campus and often attend program specific breakout sessions, which will help IBMC shape future curriculum.
  • The IBMC Program Advisory Committee functions under independent guidelines and convenes bi-annually.
  • Members discuss the current hiring market, needs for trained personnel, hiring requirements, career placement, technology trends in the field, and desired employee skillsets.
  • Employers have access to a large network of community leaders from many professions and similar industries.

How to Become a PAC Member

Members are invited by staff from IBMC College and include those in fields of accounting, business administration, cosmetology, healthcare and law. The Program Advisory Committee meetings are made up of representatives from local businesses, IBMC graduates, businesses that host students during their clinical practicum or externship experience, and companies that hire IBMC graduates.

Are you interested in serving on IBMC College’s Program Advisory Committee?

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