Student Life

Student Life at IBMC College

There are plenty of reasons why IBMC College is a great place to be. We offer students a great educational experience, along with individualized support, campus events, student recognition, community involvement opportunities and more.

There’s a lot to be a part of at IBMC College!

Your Experience at IBMC

Our Faculty

The faculty at IBMC College is made up of industry professionals who are deeply passionate about student success. They are tremendously knowledgeable and dedicated to their students. Our students benefit from these experts who have practical knowledge and real-world experience in their respective fields, as well as the formal education needed to be an effective instructor. You’ll graduate with the skills necessary to succeed in your chosen field.

Student Externships & Clinical Experience

At IBMC College, your career training doesn’t end in the classroom. Through student externships, you’ll gain hands-on training working for a business in your chosen career field. Externships are experiential learning opportunities, similar to internships, that are provided by local employers to give students practice in their future careers.

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