Circle of Hope

Join the Circle of Hope

Refer someone who needs a life change or change in life.

Do you know someone who could use a change in their life? Refer a friend, family member, co-worker or acquaintance to see what IBMC College has to offer.

When your referral becomes an IBMC student, you will be invited to join IBMC College’s exclusive club, the Circle of Hope. You will be inducted into the Circle of Hope club at your IBMC campus and recognized by your peers, staff and faculty during the next Student Awards Assembly.

Refer Your Family Member or Friend   Find Out When The Next Assembly Is

What You’ll Receive In Return

As a valued member of the Circle of Hope, you’ll have the opportunity to attend exclusive, member-only events. Additionally, you’ll receive a distinguishing Circle of Hope lanyard and pin, which you can proudly wear at your college graduation ceremony.

Most importantly, the satisfaction you receive from helping your friend change his or her life is the most rewarding gift of all. Your campus is full of caring individuals like you, who have helped others change their lives and begin training for meaningful careers.

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