Right Fit

Discover Your Right Fit

Not sure what you’d like to study—or unsure about college? Don’t be overwhelmed. IBMC College offers a unique process called the Right Fit to help prospective students like you make these important decisions.

What is the Right Fit process?

The process is a one-on-one session with one of our experienced Admissions Representatives, aimed at helping you make important life-changing decisions. Trained as Right Fit Coaches, they have specialized tools to assist you in creating a personalized plan for your future.

How it Works

During the Right Fit session, your Admissions Representative will discuss with you the important personal factors that will help you make your career training decision:

  • Your current situation in life
  • Your goals
  • Your interests
  • Your unique talents and abilities
  • Your experiences
  • Your support network

After discussing your unique situation, your Admissions Representative will help you to better understand all that IBMC College has to offer you:

Your Admissions Representative will also give you a tour of your campus, and allow you to sample a class to give you a feel of what attending IBMC is really like.

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Occasionally, prospective students find that IBMC’s focused, accelerated programs may not be for them. That’s okay — we can assist you with finding other opportunities in the community that would be the Right Fit for your future.

Our goal is to ensure every person walks away with a clear understanding of where they belong and where they can achieve success.

Ready to Begin?

IBMC College’s Financial Aid Advisors are here to help you work through the sometimes confusing world of financial aid and students loans and make sure you feel comfortable with your decision to attend college.

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