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4 Top Job Possibilities for Those with a Legal Degree

A legal degree can be obtained at a Cheyenne business college or legal college and can enable a person to pursue a number of job opportunities related to law. Following are just some of the many career options for a person who has training in this field.

Paralegal or Legal Assistant

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that job growth in this field is faster than average. Paralegals earn a median annual wage of nearly $47,000 a year and work in law firms, corporations and even government agencies. They prepare cases for lawyers, organize files, draft legal documents and handle a multitude of other law-related tasks.

Mediation Positions

A person does not need to obtain a degree in law in order to work as a court appointed mediator. However, such a degree can enable a person to better understand and handle this job. What’s more, it can also set a person apart from other job applicants in this field.

Finance Careers

Certain fields of law can make it easy for a person to find work in the financial sector. For example, learning about tax law is certain to benefit anyone who is interested in becoming an accountant. A person who studies real estate law can become a real estate agent specializing in complex transactions such as short sales, buying foreclosed homes, or homes being sold due to bankruptcy.

Entrepreneurial Options

It is not uncommon for many people who have studied law to become entrepreneurs. While starting a business does not require a law degree (indeed, one’s chosen field of business may have nothing to do with law), studying law does enable a person to better understand local laws regarding the business and draw up contracts without hiring outside help.

While there is a glut of lawyers in many cities, this does not necessarily mean that obtaining a law degree is a bad idea. In fact, there are many law-related job opportunities that one can pursue. There are also jobs that are not directly related to law where having a legal degree can be a great asset. A person interested in this field should consider the options carefully and choose legal courses that will directly benefit his or her future aspirations.

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