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Business Degree Tips: Creating a Marketing Persona

Here at IBMC, we specialize in providing a top-notch education to thousands of students.  When it comes to colleges in Fort Collins, Greeley, and Longmont CO, we are your go-to source for earning a degree and expanding your knowledge.  Many of our students choose the fast track program to earning an IBMC Business Degree.  This program focuses on many business-related topics, including marketing.  You can use a Business Degree in a wide variety of ways.  Some graduates use them to become an executive of strategy.  Here’s a close look at tips you should follow if you land a job in this line of work.

When you’re the executive of strategy, your ultimate responsibility is to expand your employer’s customer base.  In order to accomplish this, you must know exactly who you are targeting.  One of the best ways to pinpoint your key prospect customers is by creating a marketing persona.

What is a Marketing Persona?

A marketing persona is a representation of your customers.  However, most companies have more than one marketing persona because they target multiple client segments.  When you put a label — such as a name — and a background on who you are marketing to, you are creating a persona.  Your targeted audiences must be viewed as much more than a potential dollar.  Instead, you must view them, and market to them, as the human beings they are, and this is why creating a buyer persona is of the utmost importance.

It must be noted that during the process of creating buyer personas, mistakes will be made.  It’s imperative that you learn from them.  Common mistakes include:

  • Creating too many personas
  • Not knowing which customers to avoid
  • Only using personas in the marketing department
  • Failing to realize that a persona represents a large number of customers

And also of importance is for you to know a buyer’s persona is never truly complete.  Just the same as customers change as they age, relocate, etc., so do their personas.  This is why your marketing department should have a team that works specifically on developing B2C buyer personas.  As these personas change, your marketing methods will too.  Still yet, you’ll be striving to meet the same goal you’ve had all along — to expand your employer’s customer base.

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