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Don’t Be Tied to a Desk: Unique Careers with a Business Degree

Typically, obtaining a degree in Business Administration means that the graduate will be spending the remainder of their professional life in a cubicle and behind a desk. However, obtaining a business degree doesn’t mean that a person has to be trapped in a corner office. Here’s a look at five unique careers that a degree in Business Administration can prepare a person for.


In short, an appraiser or an assessor is responsible for estimating the value of land and any buildings that are on the land before it is to be sold, developed, insured, taxed or mortgaged. Typically, an appraiser will need to pass a licensing exam from their respective state and have a four-year college degree in business. On a normal day, an appraiser will spend the bulk of their time visiting various properties. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for an appraiser is $49,540. Note: Statistics are nationally assigned, not regionally.

Contract Negotiator

Individuals with a knack for conflict resolution and mediation may find their niche as a contract negotiator. In this role, the negotiator would be responsible for mediating between two different businesses that are trying to resolve a dispute or sign a contract. While a contract negotiator must prove their worth, a successful individual with years of experience can make nearly 6-figures a year.

Event Manager

Social butterflies will thrive in this position because it allows them to manage a virtual business while making other people happy. Whether it is working for a large company to organize business events or as a freelance consultant for weddings or parties, being an event manager means that the person will never be tied to their desk.

Credit Counselor

If budgeting and saving money are at the top of one’s skill set, then a career as a credit counselor may be perfect. In this role, the credit counselor is responsible for helping individuals in debt emerge from their financial woes in better shape. This career allows a person to move from one client’s home and business to the next instead of being behind a desk. According to the BLS, the median salary for a credit counselor is more than $40,000. Note: Statistics are nationally assigned, not regionally.

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