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Fort Collins College Green Team Seeks Gold at IBMC Campus

IBMC College in Fort Collins looks to increase environmental efforts in quest to better the local community and reach new heights as a ClimateWise Gold Partner – led by IBMC’s Green Team and Campus President.

IBMC College in Fort Collins, Colorado has saved over 6,000 miles, reduced their carbon footprint and is aiming to benefit the local Larimer County community by reducing greenhouse gas emissions as a current participant in the City of Fort Collins ClimateWise program.

It’s cool to be green at IBMC Fort Collins campus – where students, staff and faculty are taking proactive measures to reduce IBMC’s carbon footprint.  Pictured is IBMC’s Green Team. This photo is courtesy of Madison Crowley.

“The ClimateWise program has afforded IBMC with the opportunity to make a positive impact on the local community, experience savings within our company and create an environmental awareness among staff, students and faculty.” Eric Thompson, Campus President, IBMC Fort Collins College

IBMC College has continued to follow ClimateWise’s membership requirements, as well as increase environment improvement tactics at the campus level since joining ClimateWise in 2009. The college’s goal is to reach a Gold Member Partner level by the conclusion of April of 2013.

Such efforts include the following: co-hosting a Bike to Work Day breakfast station, employee carpooling, co-mingling recycling products, elimination of plastic cups for staff members in favor of glass products, old battery recycling, as well as the reduction of power usage by turning off lab and classroom computers overnight and on the weekends.

ClimateWise’s turn-key system allows businesses to achieve impactful results in their day-to-day operations and truly make a difference.

“The Fort Collins campus personnel look forward to bettering our climate through this continued partnership!” Thompson stated.

ClimateWise is a free, voluntary City of Fort Collins program, dedicated to helping local business and the environment. Through environmental assessments and creative solutions, the City of Fort Collins ClimateWise team helps businesses tackle modern-day business challenges that impact bottom lines and the quality of life in Fort Collins for citizens and more than 350 local participating ClimateWise businesses.

To find out more information about IBMC’s business partnership with ClimateWise, please call Eric Thompson at the Fort Collins College campus at (970) 223-2669.

For media inquiries, contact Holli Milenski by phone at (970) 223-2669 x 503 or email

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