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Free Organizational Resources for Students Learning at Home

Here at IBMC (and all over the world), people have been adapting quickly to learning and working from home. This transition can be easy for some and difficult for others. When we saw that was offering a series of free courses in response to COVID-19, we wanted to share these classes with our community members! Some of the common issues that come with switching to virtual learning can be:

  • Staying organized
  • Staying focused
  • Using time effectively

With that being said, we picked out a couple of unique free courses that we thought our students and colleagues would like! You can browse all of their free courses here, but read on if you’re interested in seeing IBMC’s course picks.


First Pick: A Mini-Course on Time Management

One of the main reasons to love this course is that it only takes 12 minutes to complete! It was definitely a favorite; offering students and workers 7 simple steps that lead to more effective time management. Increase your productivity and learn tips that you can use long after graduation.

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Second Pick: Beginner’s Guide to Getting Organized

Do you find yourself wondering where to start every day? We’ve felt that way in the past, too. Organizational skills are the foundation of success because being disorganized can lead to stress—which can hold anyone back from reaching their goals. In this 1 hour and 11-minute course, you will build a custom “productivity system” that works for you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, this could be a great one for you!

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Third Pick: Self Care for Productivity

Are you taking good care of yourself during these strange and stressful times? Taking care of your mind and body can actually lead you to be more productive, and that’s why we thought this course was worth sharing. The instructor will help you learn to perform daily self-assessments that will help define your needs, goals, and progress. In addition to that, you will create a daily self-care action plan.

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We hope you enjoy these free resources, and we thank the team at for offering these up to a wider community!

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