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What kind of people are cut-out for the career programs at IBMC College?

If you think you must be a perfect student, I’m happy to disappoint you.

Take a second to get to know the lives students come from before enrolling into an IBMC College program. I have a personal motto that I like to tell myself: The moment we reach the desire for change, inner-drive generates change for us.

One day, I needed a “pick me up” before diving into the lesson for the day. I asked my students what had been the hardest part, for them, before becoming a student again? The result gave me chills and actually brought me to tears.

Let me tell you a story about four brave ladies that were about to graduate from the program I teach and how they eventually made the choice to create a life-changing outcome by saying “yes” to an opportunity.

My first brave lady was a kind, quiet and an ideally observant gal. She was a certified cosmetologist, but learned that the culture in that profession was problematic for her personality, and she often felt uncomfortable in that role. Happiness and fulfillment were far away from her most of her days and she questioned whether going to school a second time would make sense. One day she took a hard look at her life and decided that she was worth more and deserved more from life. She took action and enrolled in a program.

My second brave lady was sharp with a strong demeanor. A rebellious high school student as a teenager, she had never cared about school work or grades. Now, as a new young mom with a not-so-steady marriage and few options, she enrolled into a program at IBMC College. After countless unmet expectations her personal and professional life, she looked reality in the eye and decided to gift herself with empowerment. No matter what the future held, she knew that by having a professional career she could move ahead with a secure future. Her worries lessened; the days grew brighter as graduation neared.

My third brave lady was shy and reserved with long silky hair. Like many new high school graduates, she took the first year off before committing to a college. One year off turned into two years off. Then two years turned into six years. At this point, she started wondering if school was still a possibility. Her research showed that students of all ages attend colleges like IBMC College. She enrolled and while incredibly nervous at first, after a couple weeks she learned to find a balanced schedule that worked for her. Once that became clear, she became comfortable and then confident and began to thrive.

My last brave female was the youngest in the group. A slender, upbeat woman form the East Coast who was working as a dancer. She had recently been forced to relocate to Colorado and move in with her mother. She was unfamiliar with Colorado and struggled to make ends meet. She enrolled in college hoping the time spent in school would be worth the effort. She wanted a respected profession with a steady income. For her, the key word is” respected” and had everything to do with self-respect and dignity. Dancing in a strip club for money to make ends meet, was not doing much for her self-worth. While not proud of her situation, she knew she had to make a choice. She found grit and determination within herself and worked hard to finish the program she started at IBMC College.

These ladies share one commonality that pushed them to realize that something had to change. The commonality they shared was they were ready for this change.

Often, society tells us what we should be doing, but do you ever stop and ask yourself if you are actually ready to do what society aligns for us? If we go on letting others tell us what to do will we really ever really be fulfilled?

Any variance from what we perceive we are expected to do will often seem like we’re straying from path we were “supposed” to follow. If we don’t take our own path and confront the personal challenges, winding detours and unexpected traffic jams how do we ever learn what we truly want for our lives? The journey through all of this makes us who we are and can help us focus on what we want. This is how we grow.

Next time you consider something more for yourself, do not let the imperfect past of your life stop you from making a positive change. Remember that these challenges and imperfections are what sharpen you and prepare you to make good decisions. Enrolling in a school like IBMC College could be the pivotal point of your life and impact you similarly as our four brave pending graduate ladies that created a life changing outcome by saying, “yes” to an opportunity and finding their own path.

A former imperfect IBMC College student
— Brissa Childers

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