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Top 10 Careers for Cosmetology Grads

Are you thinking about going to school to get your cosmetology diploma? Here are some potential careers that many cosmetology grads can look forward to after finishing school and getting properly licensed.

When it comes to education after high school, more and more young people are choosing cosmetology as their career path. There are many benefits and exciting factors when it comes to cosmetology as a career! Not only does it afford the opportunity to flex your creative muscles, but the certification opens graduates up to many different and interesting occupations.


#1: Hairstylist

This is definitely one of the most common careers that a newly-licensed cosmetologist will go after. The demand is generally very high, while the barrier to entry is generally pretty low. If you love building life-long relationships with clients while making them look amazing – this could be a great match for you. This includes cutting hair, coloring hair, styling hair for events, and more. Being friendly and having great customer service skills is very important in this job.


#2: Barber

Barbering has become a sought-after, fashionable and in-demand livelihood and continues to be the perfect career option for men and women alike. This creative career includes many time-honored aspects of the field such as traditional cuts, mustache and beard trimming, and shaves but also encompasses many aspects of today’s modern techniques and trends. Many students enter the career field intending to own their own barbershop, giving them the control and flexibility that they desire. Often, cosmetologists opt to expand their skill set and further their career opportunities by pursuing their barbering license once they’ve completed their cosmetology education.


#3: Nail Technician

Since nails are a big focus in most cosmetology programs, many graduates find themselves taking on a nail technician position after graduation. Along with performing manicures and pedicures, nail technicians are afforded heavy opportunities for creativity in their unique nail designs. This is also an ever-changing industry; there are always new products to research, new techniques to master, and wild designs to create.


#4: Makeup Artist

Some folks don’t realize how much makeup it takes to make a performer look good on camera (especially with all of that intense lighting) or on stage. After all, they don’t just look like that when they wake up! A percentage of cosmetology grads end up working behind the scenes on television shows, in theaters, and on movie sets. It’s a fast-paced job that requires a high tolerance for stress, but the rewards (potentially working with Hollywood and music celebrities) make it all exciting, rewarding and worthwhile.


#5: Fashion Show Stylist

After a couple of years in the workforce, many experienced cosmetologists find themselves working as a fashion show stylist. This is a great career for anyone who is into fashion, as you can’t help but be exposed to all facets of the industry (the clothes, the shoes, the colors, the accessories, etc.). Staying up to date on the latest styles and trends around nails, hair, and makeup is the key to success in this exciting and fast-paced career.


#6: Barbershop or Salon Owner

After working as a hairstylist at a salon (or as a barber at a barbershop), some cosmetology graduates take the entrepreneurial leap to work for themselves! It takes some additional business know-how, but the freedom of working for yourself can’t be beaten. Plus, a common scenario includes renting chairs to fellow cosmetologists to help cover rent and overhead expenses.


#7: Beauty Writer

Some licensed cosmetologists, after a few years in the industry, will become a beauty writer or editor! Fashion publications often look for experienced stylists to build thought leadership around the latest trends in hair, makeup, skincare, and more. This career is amazing for people who enjoy writing, researching, and traveling. It requires a thick skin for editorial feedback, but the rewards are well worth it.


#8: Esthetician

Estheticians truly do help people look their best. From skilled skincare to waxing, this exhilarating and social career is great for cosmetology grads who are looking for something outside of the box. This position specializes in facials, light cosmetic enhancements, chemical peels, full-body treatments, and more.


#9: Advertising Stylist

Advertising agencies and firms will often run professional photo and video shoots for their clients to create captivating ads for television, magazines, and more. Because of this, they need a team of stylists that they can call on to achieve the overall aesthetic that they are trying to create. This can include everything from full ensembles to hairstyling, hair coloring, makeup, and more.


#10: Cosmetology Instructor

A lot of licensed cosmetologists, after a few years of experience, will want to share their knowledge to help young students get a high-quality education. One of the benefits of attending a career college is the fact that many classes are taught by skilled industry professionals. Becoming a cosmetology instructor allows you to help shape the lives of young students who are about to enter the workforce. If you like making a difference and inspiring others, this is a great career option for you!


As you can see, there are a lot of interesting possibilities when it comes to pursuing a career in cosmetology. The whole industry really revolves around making people look fabulous. This can change people’s lives in many ways, making this a very rewarding occupation to pursue.

There’s a lot more to cosmetology than most people think!

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