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Traditional College Not For You?

The decision to attend college can truly be a life-altering experience. From the minute you enroll, to the time you graduate, your life becomes inundated with classes, homework assignments, projects and studying. Your life, your goals and how you think of yourself can change drastically. Even if you’ve chosen an online education, you’ll still need to make sacrifices and compromises. You’ll need to make accommodations so that you’re using your time wisely, and managing your energy to stay successful while you’re in your program.

For many of us, the formula for a rewarding career and a happy life has been to go to college after high school. It’s been ingrained in our thinking that this is the best way to get the career you want which will lead to the life you want. Advisors and parents have traditionally guided those getting ready to graduate high school towards a university or community college because, in many of our minds, it’s just what you’re supposed to do. But times and methods have evolved and the formulas for educational success and a rewarding career after college have changed. At IBMC you’ll have other options.

For a lot of us, the typical college route can feel frustrating and even alienating and is not appealing to some people. Big campuses and huge classrooms can be overwhelming. Being around a large number of individuals, with some who may or may not be dedicated to their education, can be distracting and disrupting. The impersonal nature of lectures, in large classrooms with many other students and the lack of personal attention from staff and faculty can make you feel as if you’re uncared for, unwanted and unimportant.

In talking to many of the students at IBMC College it’s always interesting to find out how many admit to having first started traditional college and simply didn’t like the experience, citing many of the problems that were stated earlier. They craved more one-on-one attention and more personalized structure from staff and faculty. Repeatedly, we hear that they felt like they were just a number or just another name. They felt ignored and insignificant, or that they simply didn’t fit in.

The individuals we spoke with said they had a difficult time being successful and eventually gave up and dropped out. They didn’t have the support or structure they needed to find the confidence to evolve and grow. It wasn’t until they found IBMC College that they realized the difference between what IBMC does and what other learning institutions are like.

IBMC College is founded on the promise to give those seeking career training an inclusive, supportive environment that encourages positive interaction between staff, faculty and other students. Our classrooms are small, close-knit learning environments with lots of one-on-one time with instructors. At IBMC, students are intimately learning hands-on skills and fundamentals that will translate to better outcomes in the workplace. There are less classes that aren’t related to direct fields of study and the accelerated curriculum at IBMC allows students to get in, get out and get on their way to the career and future they want.

This attentiveness to students also exists outside the classrooms with student support teams who get to know their students and help them navigate their time on and off the campus. These teams’ roles are engineered to help with everything from staying on track with schoolwork to finding day care for children and making sure you’re getting to class. IBMC’s career services teams will help you be prepared for your profession after you graduate and will be active in helping you find the place you want to work when you finish your program.

You’ll even be encouraged to get to know the staff at all levels at your campus. From the campus presidents and directors of education to the registrars and financial aid advisors, you’ll have the luxury of knowing who can help you and how.

This is referred to as the IBMC College difference and it’s something you’ll feel the minute you walk onto a campus. We want you to feel like you are part of a family and we’ll celebrate your achievements throughout your entire program and if you need help, we’re be there for you.

So, why wait. IBMC is ready to get started when you are and want your career training to be one of the best experiences of your life. They’ll work hard to help you succeed because at IBMC College, our success is measured by your success.

Whether you tried school somewhere else or you’re thinking about college for the first time, experience the IBMC difference today and check out all the programs the school has to offer. Maybe you’re interested in Medical Assisting or Dental Assisting or check out the new Pharmacy Technician program and Cosmetology-related training opportunities.

There is no time like the present to start learning the skills you need to have the future you want. IBMC’s staff and faculty will be right there beside you the entire time, supporting you and cheering you on when you graduate with your degree, diploma or certificate.

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