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Train to Be a Paralegal at IBMC Career College

Are you intrigued by the laws that govern the way society operates? Have you ever wondered how these laws came to be or which laws apply in certain situations? If so, a career as a paralegal just might be the career for you! What’s more? The Institute of Business & Medical Careers(IBMC) can assist you in pursuing your dream faster than you think!

Become a paralegal
At IBMC, you can train to be a paralegal faster than you think!

With conveniently-located campuses in Fort Collins, CO; Longmont, CO; Greeley, CO and Cheyenne, WY, and flexible class schedules, you can train to be a paralegal while continuing your daily duties, such as working and caring for your family.

IBMC instructors, many with real-world experience as paralegals themselves, will educate you on many different facets of the legal system and help you to develop a breadth of skills. Conducting client interviews, drafting legal pleadings, performing legal research, and writing memoranda and briefs are some of the tasks that you will complete before the end of your paralegal program at IBMC.

As a paralegal, you will combine excellent critical thinking, researching, and writing skills to succeed in government, business, and law offices, and will be encouraged to ask questions and to analyze not just the substance of the law, but the reasons and policies underlying its development.

If becoming a paralegal interests you, please feel free to call us at (800) 495-2669. An Admissions Representative is excited to take your call and answer any questions that you may have! And, don’t forget, our website features a 24/7 LiveChat option if you would prefer to receive more information that way.


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