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What will your education look like at IBMC?


For several long months, we’ve all been grappling with the impact of Covid-19 and the life changes we’ve all had to make as we learn to exist with the reality of the current health-crisis.

It’s true that in northern Colorado we’ve been more fortunate than many areas of the country. We haven’t seen the number of coronavirus cases that many other regions of the U.S. have experienced, but this doesn’t mean that our lives haven’t been drastically and possibly permanently changed.

While we’ve been trying to grasp what our “new normal” will resemble and how Covid-19 is constantly reshaping our lives and our community, IBMC College has been aggressively working to adapt to these new realities. We’re learning new ways to cope, not only with the presence of the coronavirus but with the new rules, regulations, and protocols that have been instated to allow us to reopen our campuses and to protect our students, faculty, staff, and any individuals who visit our schools.

As a learning institution that takes pride in our close-knit sense of family and community, the coronavirus health crisis has created many challenges for our organization. So many aspects of our student’s future careers rely heavily on skills and experience that can only be learned while working closely with other individuals in hands-on, physical learning environments. This made it no small task to assess what changes needed to be made to our educational model so our students would be able to progress with their education in a timely and, more importantly, safe manner.

To overcome these obstacles, IBMC has been working closely with our regulatory and governmental bodies at local and national levels to assure that our students have a safe, consistent, and comfortable environment to train in and prepare for their future.


While much has changed at IBMC, many things remain the same; IBMC still provides a high-quality education to individuals seeking career training in medical and dental assisting, cosmetology and esthetician, medical billing, massage, paralegal, and business administration. It also goes without saying that you’ll be welcomed by every individual on our campuses and be given an unprecedented educational experience while you train for your future career.

In this “new normal”, the ability to respond quickly to new and unforeseen circumstances as they unfold is a necessary asset, and due to the fact IBMC is locally-owned and smaller-in-size than many other schools, we can quickly make appropriate decisions and adapt to changes rapidly. This was an important factor in our ability to quickly adopt new safety and health protocols and implement them at all campuses, allowing us to reopen sooner than many other schools.

With all the concerns regarding safety and health, you’re probably wondering what your education will look like once you start at IBMC. The list below identifies the measures that IBMC is taking to make sure you’re able to learn in a safe and healthy environment:

  • All common spaces, such as lounges and student break areas have been arranged to facilitate 6-feet of space between tables and chairs.
  • Physical/social distancing protocols have been developed for all programs and in all classrooms
  • Specific areas on the campuses have been zoned to decrease traffic by students, staff, and faculty.
  • Class times and student breaks have been staggered to decrease the volume of individuals within classrooms and common areas.
  • Careful protocols have been developed to see that all electronics and training equipment are cleaned, sterilized, and sanitized after use.
  • No more than 10 individuals — nine students, plus one instructor — are allowed in each classroom. Larger classes will be divided into multiple classrooms to allow for appropriate physical distancing.
  • Hallways and other gathering areas are monitored to make sure safe physical distancing is being maintained.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at stations throughout the campus buildings and signage instructs individuals on proper hand-washing procedures.
  • Temperatures of staff and faculty are taken when they enter the building.
  • Any person(s) exhibiting possible symptoms of Covid-19 will be required to leave the building and will be referred to appropriate health agencies for evaluation.
  • The implementation of facemasks is required for all individuals on campuses. Where a mask is not possible, 12 feet of distance is required between individuals.
  • Access by the public and visitors is restricted at each campus and access by any individual exhibiting signs of illness will not be permitted on-campus.
  • Students will not be allowed to share equipment or supplies while on-campus.
  • All students are instructed to follow campus signage instructions regarding Covid-19 protocols.
  • For a limited time, programs where students are not required to practice involved, hands-on techniques will be taught online.

We can’t say how long these protocols will be in-place but IBMC will continue to follow the rules and regulations that have been administered by health officials and state and national governing bodies until they can be lessened or lifted once the Covid-19 health crisis has been mitigated.

Your health and safety are a priority to all of us at IBMC and while these protocols must be observed by everyone on our campuses, this doesn’t mean that your experience an IBMC student and your ability, flourish and be yourself isn’t equally important to us. We want you to enjoy yourself while you’re a student and we’ll do everything we can to assure that your education is exciting, rewarding, and fun.

If you want further information about how IBMC College is navigating these challenging times, don’t hesitate to contact an admissions representative or schedule a visit to one of our campuses to see first-hand how hard we’re working to make sure you’ll love your experience as an IBMC student.

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