Dental Education

Enroll in a continuing education dental course at IBMC College in Fort Collins or Longmont, Colorado. Experience our state-of-the-art training and facility that hosts comprehensive programs that cover all aspects of expanded dentistry at an affordable price.

Expanded Duty Dental Assisting Certificate

Become an invaluable member of your dental team and increase your career potential by earning the Expanded Duty Dental Assisting Certificate. This certificate qualifies you to to perform advanced tasks like expanded restorative work under the supervision of a dentist, but it also counts toward your dental assistant continuing education credit.

The EDDA program requires 40 hours of class time and is held on five days over a three-week period.

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Upcoming EDDA Classes

Starts October 12 at Longmont campus

Classes held on October 12, October 13, October 19, October 20, and October 26

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"This EDDA course has been awesome! I am so happy I chose to come to IBMC College. Billy with Admissions was so helpful, and my instructors, Helen and Lindsey, have been great. I feel very confident in what I am doing and would recommend this program to anyone!"

- Angi Rodriguez, Alamosa Family Dental