Anna Aldava, Paralegal Graduate

Anna Aldava

IBMC College Paralegal Graduate

College can have a lot of unexpected side effects. For Anna Aldava, it meant she was given the chance to come out of her shell through her experience with IBMC College’s student life. She was also able to finish her program with a dream job offer from her externship host  —before even graduating. Anna attended the Greeley campus from October 2016 to December 2017, and she shared some insightful thoughts about her time at IBMC College.

What were you doing before your time at IBMC College?

“Before IBMC, I was an on-again, off-again student, and I attempted cosmetology — but it definitely wasn’t for me. When I quit my job with the three high-profile companies I worked for, I was lost. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I definitely didn’t want to be miserable or settling for just anything, but I had no idea what direction I wanted to go within my new career.”

Why did you choose IBMC College?

“My mom had an informational session, and I went in to be supportive. I ended up signing up for the Paralegal program that same day.”

Why the sudden decision?

“(IBMC College Admissions Representative) Darla made me feel comfortable and reassured me someone would always be there if I needed help — she was correct. Or, it could have been the adrenaline rush of planning out a new journey. As a child, I always wanted to be a Judge, but never pursued my education because I never believed it was something I could afford. Now that I am older, I knew that it was possible.”

Are you happy with your choice?

“Yes! I enjoyed the intimate class sessions and the one-on-one attention I received with my instructors. Not once did they ever make me feel like I was out of place, or I didn’t belong there.”

What did you gain from your time at IBMC College?

“I am a quiet and reserved person. IBMC helped me come out of my shell and regain the ability to converse with others, and gain confidence to ask for help if I didn’t understand something in class or within my program.

“I have gained a few close-knit friends, had opportunities to meet others within the Colorado Association of Legal Support Staff (CALSS) organization — a membership provided through IBMC — and they opened so many other doors for me education-wise, because I gained the confidence to interact with other folks.”

Where do you work now?

“I am presently employed with the city of Greeley in the Finance Department under the Assistant City Manager and Real Estate Manager.

“I deal with the day-to-day operations of the Real Estate Department: preparing, executing and recording municipal real estate agreements; while providing oil and gas administrative assistance that includes setting up and routing documents for electronic signatures and keeping up with the database; along with linking necessary documents into the City’s GIS System. I help maintain the Finance Department’s web pages and Google documents, and assist the Assistant City Manager and Assistant Finance Director with other reporting metrics that may be needed with impact fees.”

Do you like it?

“I am extremely happy with my current position. I am always learning; and my management team is always willing to further my training with any other sources of material I may need — whether it’s within the in-house educational training or outside for formal learning.”

What did it take to land your job after graduating?

“I started out as an extern during my externship with IBMC College. I had to go through the interview process to get accepted. I interviewed for the City Attorney’s office and the Finance Department.

I was picked by the Real Estate team to assist them. Two weeks before completing my externship, the Assistant City Manager asked me if I enjoyed working for the department and what my long-term goals were. I explained what they were, and two days later, I was asked if I’d like to stay on after my externship was over. Of course, I said yes. I enjoy going in to work every day, love the people I work with, and the atmosphere is amazing!”

Is there any advice you would give to someone thinking about attending IBMC College?

“If you know that you will not have the time or comfort in a traditional learning environment, then do not second-guess going to IBMC College. You will get the feeling of a school setting without the impersonal feeling you’d receive at a bigger institution.”

Are there any instructors who made a memorable impact on you?

“Judy Boker and Carl Daniel, because they taught the class in a manner where I could retain all of the information and made the environment laid back and easy to learn in. There wasn’t a time where I ever thought I wasn’t going to make it. To this day, I still refer to my notes when I second-guess myself at work.”

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