Genevieve Gallo, Cosmetology Graduate

Genevieve Gallo

IBMC College Cosmetology Graduate

Genevieve Gallo started her cosmetology training at the IBMC Longmont campus just after graduating high school. She chose IBMC College because of the inviting atmosphere, and caring staff and instructors. “Everyone was so down to earth and helpful,” she said. “I felt like they really wanted what was best for me—not just my money, like a lot of schools.” After graduating from IBMC in 2018, she quickly landed a job in her field. She was excited to answer some questions about her career training experience.

What did you do before attending IBMC?

“I was a barista at a coffee shop.”

Are you happy with your decision to attend the college?

“I am very happy with my decision. I love what I do, and I feel like I got a good education. Even at low times when you don’t feel like going to school, you are so encouraged by the instructors that make it feel important to come to class every day.”

What did you gain from your time at IBMC?

“I gained my cosmetology license the very first time I took my state board. This is huge, because everyone in my testing room from different schools failed the first time. Not only did I gain the knowledge of how to do services, but also how to communicate with my clients and how to advertise to get a lot of clientele.”

How has your life changed?

“I feel like I have more appreciation for people who work in the cosmetic industry, because I know that it’s not easy. Also I want to push myself harder as an individual to work as much as I can—I know that I can do more than make coffee all day.”

Where do you work now?

“I work as an esthetician at Ulta. My specific position is a Skin Therapist. I work with the brand Dermalogica to give people facials and chemical peels. I love it. I’m able to help people with their skin problems and make them feel more confident and beautiful at a price that they can afford.”

What did it take to land your job after graduating?

“I had to do a verbal and technical interview. IBMC was a huge help because they sent Ulta my resume, and if it wasn’t for the education they had given me, I would’ve failed my technical interview.”

Are there any instructors who made a memorable impact on you?

“The head instructor, Char, had a huge impact on me. She has been in the industry for years, so she knows a bunch of tips and tricks. She’s very encouraging. Kat Bradshaw also had a big impact on me because she encouraged me to go explore my artistic side.”

Do you have any advice for someone considering IBMC?

“I would 10/10 say ‘go for it!’ It may not be as easy as you think—however, if you push yourself, you will feel so accomplished.”

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