Sarah Horvath, Paralegal Graduate

Sarah Horvath

IBMC College Paralegal Graduate

Hailing from Loveland, CO, Sarah Horvath attended two IBMC College campuses during her training—in Fort Collins and Longmont. Sarah now works as a paralegal for a small law firm in Loveland, having graduated in October 2017. She attributes her success as a student to the help of great instructors, and her willingness to make important connections with peers and faculty.

What did you do before attending IBMC?

“I worked at Barns and Noble for about a year. Before that I was a bank teller for almost three years. I lost my job and couldn’t seem to get hired to be a banker anymore. That was when I decided to do something more for myself.”

Are you happy with your decision to attend IBMC?

“Yes. I not only did what I went to school for, but I grew as an individual. I came into school my first day afraid and scared that I wouldn’t be able to learn any of what was in those books. Now that I look back, I wonder why I was so afraid. I learned how to breathe when times got tough, and to pull through those hardships. And no matter what came my way in life, I had a school family that was there for me. I still call them up to say ‘hi,’ and I even stop by when I’m in town.”

What did you gain from IBMC?

“I attained knowledge, wisdom and character. I learned a lot about who I am by just challenging myself to my limits. Wisdom came because I was willing to listen to people. That is always hard, because we want it all to be about us, but being among everyone in my classroom and the friends I made that were from other programs, I learned how to listen. My character grew in the classroom everyday. To this day, I look back and can’t believe what that school has done for me. I not only got a job in the field that I studied in—I won Student of the Year. My plaque hangs in my office as well, as I am very proud of gaining that momentum in my life.”

How has your life changed?

“I guess I can say it changed for the better… I have grown so much. I have become more thankful and humble since being a student. I take whatever life throws at me with a smile and hope. I learned to just hang tight and accept what comes.”

What is your job like?

“Well, I am the first one to work, so I check emails, and for notes that the attorneys have left me. I check the schedule for anything going on that I need to be prepared for. I try to make the attorneys’ lives easier and get ready for any appointments that they might have that day. I draft will documents—I also work on litigation for civil cases. I check on clients and let them know where I am at with their documents. I’m still learning, so getting documents out right away isn’t as fast, but I know I will get better at the pace.”

Are you happy at your job?

“Yes. If I told you it was a bed of roses and it’s always dandy, I would be lying. Some days are better than others, but I have support here when I have bad days. It’s life being in a career, and you just have to say ‘tomorrow is another day’ and you can try again. I love this job and wouldn’t ask to change it in any way.”

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