What Makes IBMC College Different?

If you asked one of our 5,400+ graduates about their experience at IBMC College, they’ll likely describe it as a life change. We pride ourselves on making sure each and every student, staff member and instructor who walks through our doors feels at home.

What You’ll Experience at IBMC College

We Help You Choose the Right Program

Our goal at IBMC College is to ensure every student who walks through our doors feels comfortable with their decision to attend IBMC College. Our Right Fit program tailors the admissions process to your interests and goals to ensure you’ll be successful in your program. And, you’ll graduate knowing you’ve taken the right step to secure a better life for you and your family.

Right Fit Process

Hands-on Learning

At IBMC College, your success is our mission. That’s why every part of your program is designed to look, feel, and function like a professional workplace environment — from your classrooms to labs and projects.

Medical, business and legal students have the opportunity to start working for local businesses and medical offices during their externships, while our on-site Student Beauty and Massage Clinics offer students a chance to hone their skills in a professional setting. That means you can put industry work experience on your resume, even before you graduate.

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Industry-Inspired Curriculum

IBMC College partners with area employers to help develop industry-inspired curriculum. Each year, IBMC College hosts meetings that provide an opportunity for local professionals a chance to create and achieve program-related objectives. The feedback from employers guides the lessons that are taught in the classroom, allowing students to be up to date regarding the most relevant technologies and industry trends.

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Why Choose IBMC College?

Here at IBMC, we offer the following additional benefits to our students:

*Programs vary by campus.
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