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4 Great Job Options for Students with a Cosmetology Diploma

Beauty schools in and around Fort Collins offer a number of cosmetology diploma options. Obtaining a diploma in this field can enable a student to pursue a variety of job opportunities in the local area or even in other states. Following are just some of the many employment options available upon graduation from a beauty school course.

Hairdresser, Barber or Hair Stylist

These jobs are similar in that they involve washing, dying, cutting and caring for hair. However, it should be noted that barbers typically earn a higher median annual wage than hair stylists and hairdressers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics sets job growth in this occupation at 13%, which is about as fast as average.

Make-up Artist

Make-up artists typically work for movie studios, performance troupes and other entities that give theatrical performances. The work can be challenging but it is well worth it as a make-up artist earns a mean annual wage of over $47,000. *Statistics are nationally assigned, not regionally, by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Small salons usually hire a single individual to do both manicures and pedicures. On the other hand, large salons typically divide these tasks and have different people handle each job. Manicurists care for fingernails while pedicurists care for toenails. The average annual salary for those working in this field stands at under $20,000; however, job growth is rising faster than average. *Statistics are nationally assigned, not regionally, by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Obtaining a diploma in cosmetology does not necessarily mean that one has to actually provide hands-on care for hair, nails and/or skin. Those who have earned a diploma and have gotten hands-on training can obtain a cosmetology-related management job. Options in this field include working as a day spa manager, salon manager, professional sales manager or beauty industry retail manager. The average median salary for a management job in this field ranges from about $30,000 to over $100,000. *Statistics are nationally assigned, not regionally, by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Cosmetology can be an ideal course of study for a creative person who enjoys hands-on work and is interested in fashion and styles. Obtaining a degree in this field can take anywhere from a year to five years, depending on which diploma option a person decides to pursue. Upon graduation, one will find that there are many career paths to pick from. Alternatively, one can start his or her own business or work as a freelance professional.