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Begin Your Health Career as a Massage Therapist

The healthcare profession is booming right now, but it might take a decade to get through medical school. However, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the demand for massage therapists is expected to increase by 23 percent each year nationally*, and this is much more rapid than the average job growth in other industries. Qualifications needed to become a massage therapist vary in different states, but they usually include post-secondary training and licensing.

What is a Career as a Massage Therapist Like?

This career can lead down many different paths. Out of the more than 132,000 therapists employed in 2012, almost half of were self-employed. Some massage therapists work in spas, hotels, or workout centers. Others travel to their client’s homes and offices with their own portable equipment. Many work closely with healthcare professionals like doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists.

Massage therapists may work to help treat injuries, and this is usually done in a large room with other therapists and patients. Others might focus primarily on helping their client’s relax and relieve minor aches. Whether massage therapists work to improve mental or physical health, it is still the process of providing healthcare.

What should a potential student think about before looking for a college in Greeley that can train him or her for this profession? The job can be physically demanding. It is mostly performed standing up, and it can also give the upper body quite a workout. However, it is also a flexible career, and many therapists work part time or on a flexible schedule.

Is a Career in Massage Therapy Right for You?

If you have considered a career in healthcare, but you would rather be a holistic practitioner who can soothe both the body and mind, we would like to talk to you. Our Greeley, CO college offers massage therapy programs that can be completed in 15 to 19 months when following the prescribed coursework. We also have a financial aid office that can assist you. Take the first step and schedule a campus tour at your convenience.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook.*
*These are national statistics and not geographically assigned to the Greeley, CO campus.

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