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Career Paths You Can Follow with a Beauty Degree

Beauty schools in Longmont can help you pursue the beauty career that you’ve always dreamed about.  From cutting hair to applying makeup, you’ll learn the best tips and tricks for always pleasing your clients.  Many beauty school programs can be completed in less than two years.  Here at IBMC, we offer a wide range of beauty programs.  Best of all, many of the programs can be customized to your lifestyle and needs.  Here’s a quick look at several career paths you can follow with a beauty degree.

Beauty consultant

Do you have a knack for keeping up with the latest beauty trends?  Are you the person everyone goes to for beauty advice?  If so, you should definitely consider a career as a beauty consultant.  This type of job is most commonly seen in large cities, however, there are many rural areas that are also in need of beauty consultants for beauty pageants, weddings and more.

Hair stylist

Are you good with your hands and do you have steady fingers?  If so, consider becoming a hair stylist.  After all, this is a job that is sure to always be in demand because most people get their hair cut on a regular basis.  You can even open your own hair salon if you want.  From little kids to older men, you can keep your services broad, or if you prefer, you can specialize in a certain area of hair styling.

Skin care specialist

With a beauty degree you can also become a skin care specialist.  Helping people look and feel their best is a great job to have.  You’ll assess each client’s current skin condition and make appropriate recommendations for them to follow.  Some skin care specialists choose to further their education by earning a medical degree in dermatology.


Most people are surprised to find out how profitable the nail care industry is.  A basic manicure tends to cost $20 to $40.  A fancy manicure sitting is usually $75+.  You can make good money by opening up your own manicure salon, especially if you expand your services to waxing, pedicures and hair styling.  A full service salon will bring in the most money.

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