Why a Career in Technology is a Good Option

There are several reasons why a career in technology is a good idea. To start with, there are numerous job openings in this field and the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that technology jobs are growing at a faster than average pace. Anyone who is looking for a field that offers job options and a bright future will find that technology is one of the best options available.

Additionally, a career in technology can be quite lucrative. The median salary for a computer repairman or woman comes to $17.60 an hour. The average computer support specialist currently earns a median hourly wage of $23.51.* Those who gain more experience in these and/or related fields are often able to earn even more. Additionally, with full time employment come a number of other perks and benefits. *Note: Statistics are nationally assigned, not regionally.

Yet another advantage of obtaining a technology degree is that there are plenty of technology related jobs to choose from. If you enjoy working with computers as well as working with other people, then offering customer support may be your ideal niche. Alternatively, you can start your own business or become a freelance expert in the technology related field of your choice. On the other hand, those who want the security that comes from working with an established company will find that many large companies are looking for qualified technicians who can keep company computers running well at all times.

At the IBMC College in Greeley, we offer a Computer Support Specialist degree that will enable students to obtain work in various technology-related fields. Our course is ideal for those who are interested in work related to repairing computers or offering customer and/or business support over the phone or in person.

The degree coursework includes not only learning about programming, computer repair and the basics of using important computer programs but also communication skills, career marketing skills and problem solving skills. We help our students obtain a well-rounded education that can help them find a job and advance their career. The fact that IBMC is accredited is yet another plus. The program offers A+ or Network + certification, upon successful completion of prescribed coursework and testing.