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Why Choose a Career In Dentistry?

As you explore your career options and narrow down your choices, you might find that you become even more discerning. If you have chosen a healthcare college in Fort Collins, such as our IBMC College, congratulations! We are dedicated to helping you succeed! Our programs in our dental college will challenge you and prepare you for an exciting career in dentistry as a trained dental assistant.

Below are some great reasons to consider dentistry as a career. You can look forward to learning about these subjects in our dental programs:

  • You Can Help Patients Make Better Nutrition Choices. When you help your patients create and sustain good dental health, encouraging them to avoid sweets and other foods that can damage their teeth, you also help them make better choices for their overall health. Advising your patients to eat a balanced diet, rich with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins not only promises a mouth full of sparkling teeth, but your patients will–perhaps unwittingly–enjoy the side benefit of having a healthy and fit body.
  • Your Patients Can Enjoy Looking Great and Feeling Confident About Their Smiles. If you have ever met someone who feels uncomfortable with their teeth, due to lack of good dental care, you know that person is not living to their full potential. Not smiling for photographs, or modifying their smiles, as well as avoiding social interactions can shut off parts of one’s life. As a dental assistant with the right skills and training, you can help your patients look and feel great every day.
  • Your Services Are In Demand. With an aging population, continuing healthy birth rates, and more focus on good dental health than ever before in the United States, your services are important to a large swath of the population.
  • Garner the Respect of Your Family, Friends, Peers and Patients. As a dental professional, yes, you sometimes experience anxiety and fear in your patients. However, they respect you for your skill and services, and so do your family, friends and your professional community. Everyone knows the hard work that goes into any healthcare career, especially one as involved in dentistry in the role of a dental assistant.
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