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College Students Succeed When Attending Career Training Classes Regularly

Exceptional Attendance at IBMC Fort Collins College Leads to Awards for Students

A devotion to studying and career training are two aspects the Institute of Business & Medical Careers students take seriously. On January 31st, IBMC held a Student Awards Assembly at the Fort Collins location, 3842 South Mason Street, where forty-seven students received the Exceptional Attendance honor.

IBMC Fort Collins College Exceptional Attendance Awards 1.31.13
IBMC Fort Collins, CO college students receive the Exceptional Attendance Award at the January 31, 2013 Super Bowl Assembly.

Students must not miss more than ten minutes of class in a ten week period to be eligible to receive this award. The award recipients are adult learners who are currently enrolled in the Business Administration and Accounting, Medical, Legal or Massage career training programs at IBMC Fort Collins. Each program is hands-on and taught by instructors with field experience. Attendance is a crucial piece of for student success.

Exceptional Attendance Awards by City:
Fort Collins: 
Justin Adams, Adrianne Beezley, Kendall Best, Mandy Bingham, Neisy Borges-Parra, Samantha Bridges, Melissa Carr, Sandra Eddy, Allan Gardner, Petrina Grey, Theresa Hall, Justin Hays, Dakota Holley, Elad Israeli, Dani Jeffress, Gregory Jones, Shannon Minor, Crystal Mitts, Manuel Ornelas, Nicole Polster-Copeland, Karl Schwarz, Darla Scott, Jodie Stewart, Tracy Tan and Jaime Vaquera

Bellvue: Jessica Gregg

Loveland: Stacy Adams, Mike Brown, Robert Burson, Amanda Call, Marissa Herbert, Barbara Hoffman, Jordan Hucke, Shannon Kaiser, Mary Lambert, Phyllis Monroe, Patti Moore, Corrinn Morrill, Tamara Owens, Patricia Reynolds, Frances Rodriguez and Marcie Rollison

LeAnne Dingman

Windsor: Gina Asadi and Laura Pesses

Severance: Isa Barnett-Ahl

Estes Park: Jennifer Juneau

The Institute of Business & Medical Careers, Inc. is a nationally accredited college, accredited by the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools. IBMC Fort Collins, located at 3842 South Mason Street, and is  currently enrolling for classes. For more information about career training contact, call (800) 495-2669 or (970) 223-2669.