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Flex Ed: A new way to learn in a blended environment

If you haven’t heard, IBMC College recently made some changes to the delivery method of several of the career training programs offered. Launched earlier this month, the new Flex Ed program moves a portion of the course delivery online with select courses still in the classroom. This means that you can enjoy some of the flexibility and convenience of an online education while keeping the vital, hands-on, personal classroom experience IBMC College is known for.

Who says you can’t have it all?

By enrolling at IBMC you can now experience the best of both worlds, a hands-on classroom experience and online classes, so you don’t always need to go to the campus for your classes. With the new blended program offerings in the Therapeutic Massage Diploma, Medical Assisting Degree and Clinical Medical Assisting Diploma, and Dental Office Administration Degree and Dental Assisting Diploma programs you will experience on-ground instruction for the core courses and fundamental hands-on classes and online instruction for Applied General Education business, theory and computer-related classes within each program offered (based on your program of choice).

How will the blended programs fit my learning style?

You will use a variety of learning styles when learning with the new Flex Ed programs. Flex Ed fits more learning styles than traditional instruction.

What if I’m more of a hands-on learner?

No problem! We love the hands-on aspect of our education, so don’t worry. You will use a variety of learning styles when training with the new Flex Ed programs.

If you are a kinesthetic learner (tactile/touch) you will love the experience of the traditional on-ground components of Flex Ed.

For example, when enrolled in the Therapeutic Massage program you will get this experience while participating in Massage Technique classes such as Swedish, Neuromuscular, Myofascial Therapies, Hydrotherapy (Spa techniques) Eastern Modalities, and Kinesiology. During your 100-hour on site clinical practicum you will provide hands-on massage treatments to clients.

When enrolled in the Medical Assisting programs, you’ll this experience by learning clinical skills in the classroom. You learn every skill needed to prepare you to work successfully in both the front and back office of a medical facility.

When enrolled in the Dental Assisting programs, this experience will be taught while sitting chair side in the dental lab. You will practice the dental techniques that prepare you to assist on the first day of your new career!

What if I’m more of a visual learner?

Visual learners have the opportunity to watch videos and take advantage of written online components available throughout the classes. You can take your time reviewing and responding to written discussion posts.

What if I’m more of an auditory learner?

Auditory learners will have the opportunity to watch and listen to videos live and listen to recorded lectures to enhance the learning experience. You will actively participate in synchronous discussion sessions with the class. In addition, you can take advantage of instructor’s online office hours to get one-on-one guidance on the material.

Flexibility is KEY

While on campus attending hands-on core classes you may wear your professional scrubs and use the equipment provided by the school such as a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, eye protection and massage tables.

While taking the online portion of your blended program, you can learn from home in a more relaxed atmosphere such as enjoying the sun on your face in the backyard or relaxing on your deck.

Time and Money

Save on commute time while attending the online classes in your blended program. Reduce the wear and tear on your car and keep a little extra gas money in your pocket. Study when you are at your peak level of engagement and performance whether its morning, noon or night.

You won’t be on an island

Networking and support are a vital part of what IBMC offers when it comes to peer-to-peer engagement with other students, and interaction with instructors and staff so even though you’ll now spend a portion of your program taking courses remotely, you’ll still have a place to call home on-campus.

Students will still have access to the their campus’ Student Success and Career Services teams who are always available to assist with your on-campus needs as well as provide necessary contacts for other life challenges outside of school. No matter where you are in your program, we’re here for you.

So why wait? Schedule an appointment with one of our Admissions Representatives today! There’s no time like the present and classes are filling up fast. Find out more about our Flex Ed program today!



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