Student Success Coach

Student Success Coaches


What is a Student Success Coach?

The Student Success Coach at your IBMC College campus will meet with you for academic advising during the first five weeks of your program and throughout your career-training journey. They are committed to helping you stay focused on your academic goals. In the event that outside factors are inhibiting you from attaining these goals, they’ll provide assistance and help you remain on the fast-track to success.

Getting Help

Whether you’re facing personal, health-related, family, childcare or housing issues, your Student Success Coach will help you identify positive ways to address these issues. This member of our staff has access to a variety of different resources and will support you both personally and academically.

Get to know your Student Success Coach today by stopping by his/her office before or after class or send them an email with your questions.

IBMC College’s Student Services Contacts

Brian Johnson, Student Success Coach, Fort Collins

Bernadette Maldonado, Student Success Coach, Greeley

Mary Matsutani, Director of Education, Longmont


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