Greeley College Honors Students for Academic Excellence

Student Awards Assembly at IBMC College in Greeley, CO, celebrates academic achievements at career training school.

It was all about honoring the students of IBMC College in Greeley, CO, 2863 35th Avenue, during the Student Awards Assembly on July 11.  Students were presented with awards for exceptional academic and attendance achievement, and select staff and faculty were honored with awards, as well.

This quarterly assembly was a student appreciation barbeque, with staff and faculty serving up hot dogs and hamburgers to IBMC students, in addition to celebrating academic excellence.  This was the first assembly to be held in the new Greeley campus location of IBMC College, which officially opened its doors to students on July 8, 2013.

President’s List 4.0 GPA by City:
Maria Banuelos Quintanilla  Brush: Yolanda Villarreal  Evans: Jessica Everson, Stacey Kuntz, Tawnie Martinez and Tiffany Sanchez  Galeton: Paula Brown  Gilcrest: Marissa Garcia and Tiffany Weber  Greeley: Desirae Balltrip, Ariel Bauer, Kathleen Beets, Sherry Bennett, Dessa Boyle, Matthew Breuer, Heather Butler, Staci Caddy, Alexander Calvillo, Suzanne Caudle, Cassondra Chavez, Karen Coffey, Janeen Costello, Jessica Gomez, Stephanie Hagan, Stephanie Hernandez, Raymond Hesseltine, Holly Hohnstein, Tanya Liles, Sara McMurray, La Tasha Pulido, Nicole Renaud, Jonathan Roel, Crystal Sparks and Vanessa Trevino  Grover: Ashleigh Burnett  La Salle: Julie Bedan, Linda Poyner and Samantha Slothower  Milliken: Lindsey Woodall  Pierce: Nancy Garcia  Windsor: Jessica Mercer

Dean’s List 3.5-3.9 by City:
Justin Borowski, Samantha Clark, Jennifer Critchlow, Julie Maraden, Betty Rodriguez, Silvia Saldivar, Christopher Sanchez Gomez and Alexandra Villalobos  Gill: Teresa Avila  Greeley: Donna Barron, Gabrielle Carr, Marie Esquibel, Brittany Flores, Robert Freeman, Samantha Gaines, Lorenzo Garcia, Jordan Gonzales, Juanita Gonzales, Yvonne Gonzales, Kimberly Hein, Linda Kapperman, Savannah Korgan, Stephanie Martinez, Vanessa Medina, Marie Melendez, Juliet Moreno, Monica Naranjo, Maria Quintero, Teresa Riherd, Nakeesha Romero, Roseann Romero, Leah Rugg, Tina Souza, Patricia Torrez, Heather Vassar, Rebecca Vigilanese and Nicole Wilson  Johnstown: Cierra Marostica  Loveland: Danielle Neidigh  Milliken: Stephanie Dixon and Paola Silva  Platteville: Katelyn Margheim  Windsor: Nicole Lee and Justina Propes

Exceptional Attendance by City:
Vanesa Bencomo, Stacey Kuntz, Julie Maraden, Tawnie Martinez, Silvia Saldivar and Guadalupe Vallejo Mora  Greeley: Brittni Arellano, Desirae Balltrip, Kathleen Beets, Matthew Breuer, Suzanne Caudle, Cassondra Chavez, Karen Coffey, Stephanie Hagan, Stephanie Hernandez, Raymond Hesseltine, Linda Kapperman, Claudia Organista, Zackery Ryden, Crystal Sparks and Edgar Tarango  La Salle: Samantha Slothower  Loveland: Danielle Neidigh  Pierce: Nancy Garcia  Windsor: Nicole Lee and Jessica Mercer

Rising STAR Students:
Marlene Valdez, Tammy Moir and Karolina Estrada

STAR Students:
Vanessa Bencomo, Patricia Torrez and Michael Standen

Students of the Quarter:
Kathleen Beets, Morgan Greiman and Tiffany Sanchez

Faculty of the Quarter:
Jill Gesick

Staff of the Quarter:
Tina Knox

IBMC College now offers a School of Cosmetology and a Computer Support Specialist degree program! To learn more about the new programs and career training offered at IBMC College campus in Greeley, CO, please call (970) 356-4733 or visit

About the Institute of Business & Medical Careers
IBMC College is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools. Founded in 1987, IBMC welcomes a diversity of individuals and encourages life-long learning for success. IBMC offers certificate, diploma and Associate Degree programs in Business, Computers, Cosmetology, Dental, Healthcare, Legal and Massage career fields at the Greeley, CO; Fort Collins, CO; Longmont, CO and Cheyenne WY college locations. Programs do vary by campus.