Halloween Makeup: Insect Themed!

Every year, it’s a struggle to find the perfect Halloween costume. You might find yourself spending countless hours on Pinterest or Google searching for ideas, only to come up empty-handed. What’s for sure is that is it has to be better than last year, and it needs to be something easy you can do with your friends at home.

So, why not put your makeup skills to work? We caught up with cosmetology students from IBMC College’s Fort Collins campus to see what they could come up with for some original Halloween makeup designs. Taking inspiration from vibrant and colorful insects, they produced some amazing Halloween makeup ideas for 2017!

Golden Beetle

Inspired by the Golden tortoise beetle, this student created a fun, unique look using a whole lot of metallic paint! With a patient friend to help apply the base, she added small black dots past her eyes to mimic the shell of the beetle.


This student used some amazing makeup blending skills to achieve a textured look that’s more flattering than your ordinary red face paint. This is no basic ladybug!

The Monarch

Inspired by the Monarch Butterfly, this student created patterns of colorful wings across her forehead. Pair it with some dramatic black lipstick and orange makeup around her eyes for a stunningly unique appearance for Halloween!

The Spider

This pair of students showed off the different creative directions they took with using a simple concept—from cute and festive to sinister and scary, inspiration can lead to many different outcomes.

The Dragonfly

This one requires a lot of patience! Attaching something this big to your face is difficult, but it can be done with some spirit gum and prosthetic wings. Using beautiful aquamarine makeup, this student pushed the boundaries of Halloween makeup for 2017!