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How to Become a Computer Support Specialist

Becoming a computer support specialist is not overly difficult. In many cases, one does not need to obtain a college or university diploma in order to find a job in this field; however, it should be noted that there are job opportunities for computer support specialists with an associates or bachelor’s degree that a person without a degree would not be able to obtain.

Working as a computer support specialist can be quite lucrative. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that those employed in this field earn close to $50,000 a year. Job growth in this sector is set to be faster than average for the next few years.

Getting Training

A Greeley resident who is interested in training to become a computer support specialist should take courses at a local technology college. These courses cover learning problem solving skills, working with Microsoft Windows hardware and software, learning how to use and fix mobile devices, receiving training in customer service skills and more.

The amount of time it takes to complete a training course depends on the type of diploma one is pursuing and his or her chosen method of study. Studying online can enable a person to get a diploma faster than would have otherwise been possible; however, learning on-campus provides valuable hands-on training opportunities that help students put book learning into practice.

Hands-On Learning

As was noted above, it is possible to get a job in computer support without a diploma. Those who are studying this field may want to obtain a part time job providing computer support in order to gain hands-on experience. This can help a person better understand what is taught in the classroom and boost one’s resume.

Finding Work

Many colleges offer career placement services. Taking advantage of such services is wise, as a college may know of job openings that would be impossible to find otherwise. On the other hand, a wise person will check out all available job options. Submitting a resume to various potential employers, setting up a professional LinkedIn page and asking friends or family members for a referral are all good ways to find work in a short amount of time.

Because computer technology is changing all the time, many computer support technicians need to study regularly in order to stay abreast of the latest developments. Even so, many specialists have found computer support to be a fulfilling, challenging field with much to offer.