IBMC Student Services: What exactly is that?!

From Housing to Child Care to Financial Resources, IBMC’s Student Retention Manager Shares Helpful Tips for Students

On each campus of IBMC, there lives a Student Service Advisor.  This person is dedicated to the success of each student at IBMC.  IBMC has invested in an employee that will guide and support each and every one of our students on their path to a successful career, whether enrolled in the business, medical, paralegal or therapeutic massage programs.

At IBMC, we understand that students must have their basic needs met in order to focus on their education.  If these needs are not met, the student may find it challenging to focus on their education.

Enter the Student Services Advisor (SSA)!  This person, on your campus, is dedicated to helping students with any personal roadblocks that stand in the way of their education.  The SSA supports academics through tutoring sessions and study groups.  The SSA also has local connections and resources to help students getting their basic needs met—housing, childcare and financial resources—just to name a few.

I would encourage all IBMC students to take advantage of this wonderful resource, whether you are experiencing academic challenges or not.  These individuals are experts in assisting students and going the ‘extra mile’ to help students succeed.  Your SSA will touch base with you during your advising sessions while enrolled at IBMC, beginning with your Psychology of Success class. Meet with your Student Services Advisor and get to know them.

For more information, contact your local campus:

Campus Information:
IBMC Fort Collins Campus:
3842 S. Mason Street
(970) 223-2669                visit online

IBMC Greeley Campus:
5400 W. 11th Street, Ste. D
(970) 356-4733
visit online

IBMC Longmont Campus:
2315 N. Main St.
(303) 651-6819
visit online

IBMC Cheyenne Campus:
1854 Dell Range Blvd.
(307) 433-8363
visit online

Michelle Blomfelt-Jabs is the Student Retention Manager at the Institute of Business & Medical Careers at the Fort Collins campus.