It’s Never Too Late: IBMC Graduate Continues to Pursue Dreams Despite Setbacks

At the Institute of Business and Medical Careers, we are often inspired by the stories that our students share with us. These inspiring stories are often about students’ ability to face life’s obstacles and conquer them with confidence.

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A quick story about a graduate from June 2010…

2010 was an exciting year for many IBMC students, it meant that they would be graduating their programs and starting the next chapter of their professional lives.  However, not all students welcomed the completion of their program with exhilaration. This was especially true for one student.

This student did not have such a great experience on her externship and her confidence was shaken. Despite graduating from IBMC, she began to question whether she would ever be capable of being successful in the industry in which she was trained. As she questioned her abilities, she lost touch with IBMC and continued working at the job that she had once desired to leave.

Recently, this graduate resurfaced.  Almost two years after graduating, she decided to once again step through the doors of IBMC in pursuit of the dream that caused her to walk through the doors the first time around. The graduate completed some refresher courses for her program, had one-on-one coaching with staff members, and met with the Career Services department to discuss what was needed in order for her to be hired in her field of study.

IBMC is thrilled to tell you that this individual received a job offer last week and has resigned from the job she has had for over 19 years! She is now prepared to take on the new challenge with confidence and serves as a reminder that it truly is never too late to make a change.

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