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Just One or Two Years of College Gets You Into These Careers

Going to college is a typical step for someone who wants to improve his or her employability or income. With the right certification or diploma, it’s much easier to embark on a new career or get into the running for a better position in an old one. The main issue that some people face is how much time it can take to get a diploma. Fortunately, there are plenty of diplomas and certifications that can be obtained in just a year or two. Here are some of the ones that are likely to remain in demand over a long period of time.

Medical Assistant

These programs prepare students for a variety of levels of employment in this field. The fastest one teaches things like how to take blood pressure, get patient histories, and handle similar tasks. Further education can prepare for more-advanced tasks like getting blood samples and preparing patients for x-rays.

Another type of medical assisting has nothing to do with providing medical aid. Instead, it teaches how to handle one of the most important administrative jobs in an office – medical billing and coding. Billing and coding personnel deal with insurance companies, set up payment plans with patients, and take care of other financial matters. The “coding” aspect refers to knowing and properly applying the codes insurance companies use to designate conditions and treatments, and is essential for getting the proper payments from insurers when sending in claim forms.

Technical Support

A technical support certification does far more than get someone a job at a call center. Instead, it prepares the student to be one of the techs that get called when the call center ones can’t figure out the problem.

These are just a few of the programs offered by a Greeley, CO career college. Anyone interested in these or similar careers should be sure to check out the local school’s catalog.