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Let’s Talk About the “S” Word…Stress!

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IBMC offers tips for managing stress – while receiving accelerated career training, working and living life as a busy student.

You’re on the path towards changing your life; congratulations!

While this path offers up vast rewards in the future, the journey getting there may seem a bit rocky.

To help you succeed in IBMC’s fast-paced programs in the School of Business, School of Paralegal Studies, School of Allied Health Careers or the School of Massage and Healing Arts, we have helpful tips to allow you to cope with stress and the anxiety you may be feeling during this first week of class.

1) Let’s get organized! Are you feeling overwhelmed? Make sure to purchase a calendar, day timer or even use an electronic calendar to help you stay on-top of your classes, plan for study time, events, your work schedule and even some fun!

2) An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Hold it! Put down the bag of chips and grab an apple. Developing healthy eating habits with help you stay calm, manage your weight, and with a balanced diet and plenty or rest and relaxation, you’ll be waking up before your alarm even goes off.

3) Get moving! Exercise will help clear your mind and re-charge your batteries – whether your next task is studying for a test, reading over lecture notes or diving into a lesson.

4) Set realistic goals for yourself! Don’t take on too many responsibilities at once. Make a check list and reward yourself for accomplishing small feats. If there are areas you happen to fall short, do not be too hard on yourself. Re-evaluate your goals and amend if necessary.

5) We’re here to help! If you are struggling or just looking for answers, we maintain an Open Door Policy here at IBMC. Our friendly staff is ready to help you. We’ll listen and provide you with insight on managing stress, course difficulties, assist with financial questions and help you stay on track.

6) Did someone say TLC? IBMC’s Therapeutic Massage Clinic will provide a healing touch. Whether you’re seeking a signature massage, a deep tissue or total relaxation, let our trained students or graduates get their hands on your achy muscles. Clinics are conveniently located on campus in Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont and Cheyenne.

Hey, we understand there are going to be bumps, but you’re not alone. We want you to succeed and look forward to celebrating your accomplishments along the way!

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