Massages Give Pain Relief to the Family Medicine Center’s PMC Clients

The Family Medicine Center, a division of Poudre Valley Health Systems, is utilizing no-cost medical massage treatments, provided by IBMC College’s massage therapy externs to benefit patients in the Pain Management Clinic.

The Family Medicine Center’s Pain Management Clinic’s (PMC) patients are gaining relief through complimentary medical massages, provided by student externs enrolled in the Therapeutic Massage Degree programs at IBMC College in the Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming regions.

As part of a collaborative effort between the two companies, IBMC is providing a healing component to the current PMC client treatment plans, while also imparting students in the massage program with valuable experience in their craft.

“Medical massage has shown benefits for pain relief, but it can be costly. PMC patients volunteer to receive treatments at IBMC by serving as models for trigger point, neuromuscular and clinical analysis massages. In exchange, the patients receive services at no cost, and the students enjoy making a difference in the patients’ lives.” Kathy Randall, Registered Nurse, Family Medicine Center

The program launched with two pain clients volunteering to attend massage therapy sessions every five weeks at the IBMC Fort Collins campus, 3842 South Mason Street, in October of 2012.

To date, the program has experienced expansion and a positive reception from patients. It has been extended from the IBMC Massage Clinic in Fort Collins to the Greeley and Longmont Massage Clinic locations. This program is also in effect at the Cheyenne, WY, campus. In total, 20 clients receive massage therapy treatments without having to be hindered by cost factors.

“My extern is wonderful! Usually, I would need a shot for shoulder pain, but through massage therapy, I do not. I have more range of motion, and my chiropractor has noticed improvement since the massages began,” stated a current PMC Client.

To learn more about the Pain Management Clinic program at the Family Medicine Center, 1025 Pennock Place in Fort Collins, CO, please call (970) 495-8834.

For information about IBMC’s Therapeutic Massage Programs and Massage Clinics in Fort Collins, CO; Greeley, CO; Longmont, CO or Cheyenne, WY, please call (800) 495-2669 or visit