Now THAT’S Dedication!

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Every day, I hear evidence of how dedicated IBMC students are to being in school: they come from (or will be on their way to) the 6 or 8 or 10-hour shift at their current job before/after class, their child/dog/cat/goldfish was up sick all night, their car got a flat tire, their babysitter or ride cancelled on them last-minute, or some combination of these “life” moments occur. Yet still – still! – despite these challenges, they manage to get to class, on time, ready to learn.

IBMC of Longmont's Devoted Ray Detwiler Poses With his new set of Wheels After Making it to his Psychology Class Despite Being hit by a Motorized Vehicle.

Last week, my Psychology of Success student Ray Detwiler proved his extreme dedication as an IBMC student by arriving to class early after getting hit by a motorcycle while riding his bicycle to school! (Let it be known it was not Ray’s fault – the motorcyclist ran a red light while Ray rode into the intersection on his green.)

Though his bicycle was damaged, Ray managed to fall in a way that prevented major injuries, but he was still scratched up pretty badly when he got to campus (not that many of our Medical program students aren’t used to see a little blood now and then). The rider of the motorcycle wasn’t hurt and asked how he could help; Ray said, “just make it right, I gotta get to class!” and gave the rider his workplace information before heading to the Longmont IBMC campus.

And Ray did get to class – enthusiastic and ready to participate as ever (and, because of his previous training as an EMT and volunteer firefighter, readily aware of any signs of additional/internal injury. I’m happy to report there were none.)

If getting to class after being hit by a motorcycle isn’t showing dedication to one’s own education, I don’t know what is. Thanks for the inspiration and your dedication, Ray!

Until next time,
Lauren Seville
IBMC – Longmont Campus

PS – The story has an even happier ending: a few days following the accident, the motorcyclist showed up at Ray’s workplace and “made it right” with a new bicycle, which Ray says “rides great!”