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Personality Traits for Beauty Professionals

If you enjoy helping other people look and feel great, a career as a beauty professional might be your dream job. Cosmetologists need to spend several months learning the trade and qualifying for a state license, but they usually get drawn to the profession because of personality traits that make them good candidates for these positions. Before you start researching beauty schools in Longmont, you may want to consider some personality traits that happy cosmetologists tend to share.

Artistic Vision

It takes quite a bit of artistic talent to visualize good color combinations and hairstyles for a variety of different people. Most hair stylists and makeup artists already demonstrate their creative flair by presenting themselves very well. They care about the way that they take care of their own hair, makeup, clothes, and nails.


Even though beauty professionals do not need to be trained psychologists, it also helps to be a good listener and an amateur therapist. The majority of beauty professionals deal with the public all day long. Hopefully, the majority of clients leave happy, but it helps to have a knack for soothing ruffled feathers when that occasional disgruntled customer arrives. The ability to deal with customers and make them feel welcome and good about themselves contributes a lot to successful careers.


Many cosmetologists will tell you that the most important piece of equipment that they own is a good pair of shoes. Most beauty professionals have to spend a lot of time on their feet. This type of work can also be tough on hands and joints. On the other hand, working in beauty appeals to many people who just cannot stand sitting at a desk all day staring at a computer monitor.

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