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Am I Ready for Cosmetology School?

Do you find yourself checking beauty boards on Pinterest daily? Are you constantly watching makeup tutorials on YouTube? Or do you show off your nail art on Instagram? It may be time to consider attending a cosmetology school.

You may have dreamed of styling hair and doing makeup on a movie set, or owning your own hair salon, or simply working in a spa. But without attending cosmetology school and becoming licensed, it’s unlikely that you’ll succeed in any of these careers.

In most ways, it doesn’t resemble traditional college, but don’t be fooled—cosmetology school is not always easy. You’ll need to be ready for the journey, and there are plenty of things to consider before you begin. That’s why IBMC College put together a checklist to help you decide if you’re ready for cosmetology school.

Do you enjoy helping friends and family with beauty care?

If you’re already experimenting with beautifying your friends, that’s a great sign. It takes more than just a casual interest in beauty to be prepared for cosmetology school. It needs to be a real passion if you want to do it all day, every day for as career.

Do you enjoy spending a lot of time with others?

You’ll be working with people your whole career—and it starts immediately during your training. Being sociable and friendly is a big part of being a cosmetologist. It helps your clients to feel at ease during their visits, and it keeps them coming back. Still, we’re not saying shy people can’t attend cosmetology school. Your time spent training is a great opportunity to improve your social confidence while perfecting your craft.

Are you a hands-on learner?

The career requires knowledge, but it also demands just as much dexterity. You will start working hands-on with real clients early on, but your instructors will be there to help you every step of the way. You’ll also work with mannequins, view lectures and read the required textbooks.

Do you keep up with beauty trends and changing styles?

Beauty trends move fast—and this is where your Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube habits can come into play. Each year, new hairstyles, skincare trends and nail designs come into vogue. As a cosmetologist, it’s your job to keep up!

Are you a motivated, dedicated person?

If you don’t give cosmetology school your all, you could begin to struggle. You’ll be learning a lot quickly, and at times it will be difficult. If you have a real passion for the craft, you should have the focus and drive needed to succeed.

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