Modern Facilities

Modern Classrooms & Facilities

At IBMC College you will experience a comfortable and professional learning environment, with high-quality equipment and accessible facilities. Things are constantly evolving in most career fields, and we understand the importance of keeping up with these changes.  You will find up-to-date technology, equipment and materials available for students and faculty.

Comfortable Classrooms

When you’re relaxed, you’re in a better position to learn. That’s why our classrooms are set up with you in mind. They’re clean, uncluttered and well-equipped, and because we keep our class sizes small, there’s plenty of opportunity for individual attention.

Student Lounges

In between class, you’ll need somewhere to take a break, study or eat a snack. Each IBMC campus has a student lounge—your place to unwind and catch up with your peers. Use the computers, heat up your lunch in the microwave, or buy snacks and beverages from the IBMC College Cafe, or vending areas.

Medical and Dental Labs

The lab is where you’ll begin to get comfortable with your new skills. You’ll practice medical techniques with your classmates and instructors using industry-standard equipment. When you start your new career, you’ll already have plenty of hands-on experience with the tools and equipment used in medical offices,  hospitals, and dental offices.

Law Library

As a Paralegal student, you’ll quickly learn that research is key to success. Our law library at the Greeley campus is a place to study, analyze cases and get comfortable with legal texts and online resources.

Beauty Salon Clinics

For our Cosmetology, Hairstyling, and Esthetician students, part of becoming a professional is learning to communicate with clients and handling day-to-day facility tasks. IBMC College has a student operated beauty salon, open to the public. Working with clients or guests in the professional setting, you’ll use the same equipment you might in a hair salon or spa.

Student Resource Centers

Each campus is equipped with a student resource center—a modern computer lab with up-to-date software, printing and scanning, and on-site assistance if you run into a problem. You’ll also have access to high-speed WiFi throughout the campus.

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