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“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Marcus Aurelius

Well, here we are; the wind is blowing, the snow keeps coming and yet, in my garden, the daffodils are pushing their way out of the ground.  The new beginning, that is spring, is just around the corner.

One of the exciting things about starting school, starting a new session and starting a new career is that the knowledge we acquire, with each new beginning, leads us down an exciting new path.  As we grow and change, we leave the disappointments and failures in the past, and like the daffodils, we push our way out into the sunshine to blossom and grow.

Like everyone, I have had my share of failures and disappointments, but education and knowledge have given me the opportunity to have several brand new endings.  25 years ago, when I started down the path toward my new goals by enrolling in paralegal school, I had no idea I would have the privilege of helping others change the direction of their lives through education.

Now, a bit of Rick’s history. I started college right after graduating from Longmont High. I was not a very good student, and I failed to take advantage of my opportunity to learn.  I made it  through the university with high marks in partying and low-average grades.  I continued down this road after graduation with average jobs, plenty of partying and little direction.

Then, after a few failures, I was given the opportunity to change and grow.  I enrolled in a paralegal school and found that I could be a good student and that I enjoyed learning.  I graduated in the top 10% of my paralegal class and, within the next year, started law school in California.  I found I loved being in school and expanding my knowledge.  I had learned how to study and take advantage of the opportunity to learn. I graduated from law school with honors.

WOW!  Pretty powerful stuff.  I had gained self-confidence, along with knowledge, and began to practice law.  10 years before, I could never have imagined this.

But wait, more changes and another ending.  I began teaching a few classes at a school (similar to, but not as much fun as IBMC) and found a new passion in helping others grow and blossom.  I moved back to Colorado and was blessed to find IBMC.  Here was a school that allowed me to share my passion for the law, while helping others move toward new endings.

Does it get any better than this?

As I look forward, I wonder.  What new starts and what new endings are in store for me and for IBMC.

And of course to end, a quote to ponder from a more modern philosopher:

“New knowledge is the most valuable commodity on earth.  The more truth we have to work with the richer we become.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Rick Jennings
Assistant Campus Director
Paralegal Business Instructor
IBMC of Longmont