Schools of Business, Paralegal Studies, Massage & Healing Arts and Allied Health Careers Names ABK Honorees

School of Business, School of Paralegal Studies, School of Massage & Healing Arts and School of Allied Health Careers to Recognize High-Achieving Students From the Northern Colorado Campuses in: Longmont, Fort Collins and Greeley and the Southern Wyoming Branch Campus in Cheyenne

Congratulations, students! The Institute of Business and Medical Careers (IBMC) will hold its induction ceremony of its Alpha Beta Kappa (ABK) National Honor Society students on Friday, September 16th at Embassy Suites, 4705 Clydesdale Parkway in Loveland, CO.

The IBMC ABK Inducted Honor Students are:
Mary Acevedo, Carrie Alires, Deborah Anderson, Linzi Barenz, Lacey Barger, Anthony Barnes, BriAnne Bassett, Corey Benda, Monica  Billick, Laurie Billings, Mindy Bond, Carl Bowles, Crystal Bradford, Kristina Carney Ashby, Juanita Castillo, Karisa Castillo, Megan Clifford, John Cockrell, Christopher Cook, Rachel Cook, Brittany Craven, Melonie Cross, Annabelle Davis, Nicole DeLaCruz, Julie DeRaad, Ramona Devost, Scott Dowling, Krystalmarie Ebner, Margarita Escobedo, Catlin Fairfield, Kristyn Fettig, Andrew Freas, Hannah Galeas, Jenna Ganoe, Lillian Garcia, Stephanie Gitchel, Jessica Gomez, Stefanie Gordon, Misti Gunia, Sonja Haller, Jenna Hardesty, Ashley Hartung, Shannon Heitstuman, Patricia Helzer, Katrina Herrera, Kaylee Hillman, Michelle Hoover, Dawn Hulse, Candace Hyatt, Amy Jacob, Connie Jacob, Jennifer Jay, Natasha Johnson, Amanda Jones, Hannah Klady, Morgan Kob, Ann Koskey,Frances Krey, Emma Kunkel, Elizabeth Larson-Haag, Kendell Lawyer, Susan LeMasters, Alexis Lester, Sarah Loffhagen, Bethanne Lujan, Lisa Maes, Stacey Maldonado, Rachael Marquez, Matthew Martinez, Michele Masters, Ari Matthew, Alexandra McMillan-Olin, Vivian Mendoza, Brittney Miotke, Nuvia Molina, Yovana Molina, Shiloh Moreno, Veronica Moreno, Kaytlin Morris, Michelle Mott, Birgitte Nordem, Audra O’Connor, Theresa Palmer, Caroline Peters, Carol Pineda, Melissa Przybylski, Patrice Reynolds, Beth Rickert, Jessica Roberts, Darren Roe, Janet Sandlian, Ashly Schibler, Dawn Schubin, Carol Schwarz, Kristen Shreves, Melanie Smith, John Spraul, Allyson Stauffer, Nicole Stedman, Christine Swindell, Amy Tortorici, Brian Vanderwyk, Charity Vigil, Misty Welchman, Kelly Whitney, Alexis Wilcox, Justin Wilkes, Katharine Wilson, and Nikki Wolfe

Students are from the Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont and Cheyenne campuses. Student membership in ABK is based on the following criteria: leadership and service in class & school activities, personal integrity, good moral character and a 3.75 cumulative GPA – upon completing 40 credits in the School of Business, School of Allied Health Careers, School of Massage & Healing Arts or the School of Paralegal Studies. When graduating, these students will wear a red sash of distinction denoting their ABK membership.

At the ceremony, Steve Steele, President of IBMC, will welcome the honorees and their families. Diana Gunderson, Vice President of Education, will speak to the importance of being a member in ABK as well as introduce the honorees.

This year’s Student Guest Speakers include the following: Matt Martinez, BriAnne Bassett, Amy Tortorici and Kristina Carney.

The presentation of the ABK sash & cord will be given by Eric Thompson, Fort Collins Campus Director and Trish Bowen, Greeley Campus Director.

The ABK Honor Keys and flowers will be presented by Archie Randall, Cheyenne Campus Director, and Barbara Kearns, Longmont Campus Director.

Alpha Beta Kappa is the only Honor Society in America that represents degree granting institutions, junior colleges, senior colleges, and student- centered private career schools. Membership demonstrates that an institution of learning is committed to students. More importantly, membership denotes earned recognition to those individuals who have studied to learn a marketable skill.