“Spinning Their Wheels” Took on a Whole new Meaning at IBMC

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IBMC’s Students, Administration and Faculty Peddled Against Pancreatic Cancer for the Rickett Family

IBMC Administration
IBMC of Fort Collins Sponsored the Tim Rickett Fundraiser, and CEO and VP of Education Showed-off Their Muscles After an Intense Workout.
IBMC Staff and Students
Students and Staff From IBMC's School of Business, School of Allied Health Careers, School of Therapeutic Massage & Healing Arts and the School of Paralegal Studies Participated in the Tim Rickett Fundraiser.

The students and staff of the Institute of Business and Medical Careers changed gears from the classroom on Saturday, June 25th to come together and spin for Fort Collins’ community member, Tim Rickett, on his journey against pancreatic cancer.

In an effort to help provide financial assistance for the Rickett Family, IBMC’s own Dr. Greg Ricke, recruited individuals for this fundraiser – joining first-timers and avid cyclists for a common cause and an even greater good – helping a man in need.

Filled with five, one hour sessions of sweaty bodies moving and grooving to fast-paced music and heart pumping endurance challenges at the Fort Collins Club, one could feel the support for the Rickett’s and see it proudly displayed across the neon chests of IBMC’s thirty-three participants.

See what all the buzz was about (video).

The six, uplifting team names, Courage, Patience, Perseverance, Hope, Love and Power provided encouragement to the Rickett Family and echoed not just a saying, but IBMC’s mission: Caring Individuals…Changing Lives.

Although the wheels have stopped spinning, the donations continue to come in. To date, thanks to the generosity of IBMC and so many individuals, the Fort Collins Club reported that $46,000 was raised for Tim Rickett to help fund the next phase of treatment.

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