Students “Cool-off” This Summer With Sizzling Tips

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Well, hello there!

Welcome to the re-launch of the IBMC blog.

My name is Lauren Seville and I have the privilege of teaching English, Speech, and Psychology of Success at IBMC.

Through my upcoming posts, I’ll be bringing you stories, thoughts, and observations the various classrooms and campuses from which I teach to provide a taste of IBMC’s thriving, hands-on, fun educational setting. I’m very excited to share the experience of working with the greatest people around: IBMC faculty, staff, and – best of all – students.

Today’s topic? Summer! (How could I possibly talk about anything else with this heat?)

It can be difficult to stay motivated in the summertime: the kids are off from school, time in the sun can zap energy, and tank tops and flip-flops (rather than scrubs or business attire) never looked so inviting.

Last week, as my hardworking students awaited IBMC’s weeklong Summer Break (happening now!), I could practically see the lemonade and hotdogs spinning in their pupils.

I know that when we reconvene next week, my students will bring the same amount of passion for learning to the classroom that they always do, but just in case they need an extra zip of motivation during these next couple sizzling months, I offer the following suggestions:

1. Imagine your instructors as giant ice cream cones with arms and legs. (Sprinkles optional.) (Also works for Campus Directors.)

2. Anytime you earn praise in the classroom, request that your instructor spritz you with ice-cold mist out of a spray bottle instead of telling you “good job.” (Bonus spritzes for being in class on time after each 10-minute break!)

3. When one of those frequent summer thunderstorms comes along, pretend whatever class you’re in has turned EXTREME (for example: EXTREME ENG121! Our motto: NOT RAIN NOR THUNDER NOR LIGHTENING SHALL STOP US FROM LEARNING EXTREME SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT!)

4. Think about making these delicious “watermelon pops” after you get home.

5. Five words: Scrubs cut-off muscle shirts.

Do you have any tips for staying motivated in the summertime? Share them in the comments below!

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